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Our Acorns become Oaks

A new and exciting chapter is beginning as we relaunch our Mini section is 2023 with former First XV player Tim and his team of willing volunteers! In October 2023 we will be hosting a number of sessions to plant some new Acorns and start to have some fun!

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The plan

Moortown "Mini" Rugby Academy 



An introduction to mini rugby for all primary school aged children.  This will be fun games and exercise with a rugby ball focusing on passing and catching.



Moortown Rugby Club

Moss Valley


LS17 7NT



10:30 to 11:30

Sunday 29th October 2023

Sunday 5th November 2023

Sunday 12th November 2023

Sunday 19th November 2023

Sunday 26th November 2023

Sunday 3rd December 2023

Sunday 10th December 2023



Dear Parents / Guardians,

We are going to get some mini rugby up and running at Moortown Rugby Club before Christmas.  This will be an introduction to rugby so somewhere between "rugby tots" and playing mini junior rugby.  No experience is necessary and all primary school age kids welcome.


This introduction will run over 7 weeks from the 29th October to 10th December.  Each session will be an hour starting at 10:30.  All sessions will be outdoors braving the elements, so kids and parents should wrap up warm and be happy getting muddy!


As long as there is the demand then we will run  more sessions in the new year right through to the summer holidays.  The first aim is to get 10+ kids down to make the sessions fun and get that teamwork going.  Please invite primary school age family and friends to join us! 


The ultimate aim will be to get some age group teams up and running to play against other Yorkshire clubs from September 2024.  Ben, my son will be under 7’s at that point but hopefully we can get a few age groups up and running.  In order to achieve this we will obviously need community volunteers for organising and coaching.  


If you are interested and planning to attend please email us at with some basic contact details just so we have an idea of numbers for planning.


Many thanks,


Tim L




Will the sessions be on if it’s raining?

As long as it is safe the sessions will run in the rain, wind, snow…and sunshine.  


What should the kids wear?

Ideally football or rugby boots as the sessions will be on grass.  Trainers that you don’t mind getting muddy or wellies will be slippy but will be ok.  Gloves and hats if it is cold and waterproof layers if it is wet but the kids will be doing lots of running so really it’s the parents who need to wrap up.


What’s the cost?

We are running these introduction to rugby sessions for free.  Once we manage to get some teams set up we will have to think about weekly, monthly or annual subscription to fund kit, meals, and general admin.


Do parents have to stay for the sessions?  

Due to the age of the children please can the adult who brings the children stay on site at Moortown RUFC.  There is a great cafe called the Chunky Cactus to grab a coffee or tea and even enjoy some brunch after training.


Who will take the sessions?

I (Tim L) have instigated these sessions and will run them.  I have 30+ years playing experience having started in Moortown Under 7s thirty eight years ago. I have no coaching experience and am going to learn on the job.  If anyone wants to get involved I would welcome the help.


How do I contact Moortown Rugby Academy?  

I am trying to steer clear of another WhatsApp group that is constantly beeping.  For these introduction to rugby sessions you can just turn up and don’t need to let us know if you can’t come.  Once teams do get established I am sure individual teams will establish WhatsApp groups.  If you do need to make contact you can ring me or WhatsApp me on (Tim) 07958748478



Mini rugby remains a no contact sport up until the age of 9.  This is described below:


Mini Rugby (U6-U12)

Mini rugby is designed to introduce children to the basics of the game in a safe environment, and in line with their physical abilities and at their own pace — letting them run, chase, throw, catch and learn teamwork. Boys and girls play together on an equal footing. The club runs teams based on school years - this relates to a child’s age on the 1st September and the child remains in that age group for their youth rugby career.

U6, U7 &U8


These groups play non-contact “tag” rugby. The main aim is to develop the basic skills such as passing the ball backwards, catching a pass, running into space and of course, scoring tries. The players wear a belt with 2 velcro tags. A tackle is made when the opposition pull one of the tags off the ball carriers belt and calls “tag”. Once the ball carrier has been tagged they must attempt to stop immediately and pass the ball to another team member before reclaiming their tag, re-attaching it then continue with the game. There is no contact, tackling, scrums, line outs or kicking.


For further information contact Tim or email us!


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